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The Hole in the Sky


by Brian Allan.

Published by 11th Dimension Publishing

In this exciting new book, the author, paranormal investigator Brian Allan, describes, analyses, interprets and compares many near identical anomalous phenomena, both in the UK and in the USA, that could be interpreted as evidence that a ‘hole in the sky’ – a bizarre parting of the veil between the material world and the world of strange phenomena – exists, and also speculates on the conditions under which it might form.

The variety of unusual and bizarre phenomena chronicled is impressive, but the author (who personally investigated the cases and interviewed the experiencers) successfully guides us through the pitfalls of these exotic realms, revealing many fascinating possibilities along the way.

ISBN: 978-1-907126-11-6

The Hole In the Sky, Review by William Downie

If ever a book could open people up to new and exciting possibilities, this is the one. The central and unifying premise of Brian Allan's The Hole In The Sky is that a kind of veil exists between the world we normally perceive, the mundane landscape of soap operas and suburbia, and another, very different reality, populated by angelic and demonic beings, UFOs and their geeky occupants and governed by laws very different from those which hold in our own world. This 'hole' in everyday reality can be breached from either side - by forces from beyond the barrier or by an intrepid or foolhardy few entering from this side - and the consequences can be delightful or devastating.

A wealth of examples of claimed contact 'through the barrier' are given, making for a stimulating read (and a useful primer for those taking their first vicarious peek into arcane realms). Bible codes rub shoulders with ceremonial magic and ecstatic visions are treated alongside quantum portals and secret government experiments. These accounts come from all over the world, but there is a particular focus on the author's native Scotland, which has been particularly blessed (or cursed) with unusual phenomena. The author obviously believes there is gold to be mined from these cases and much of the book is concerned with comparing and contrasting them and with breaking through layers of cultural, religious and scientific bias, all for the purpose of getting at the reality behind these phenomena.

The author has a lifetime of research experience behind him and has met and interviewed many experiencers. He has even peeked behind the veil himself at times and is convinced that what lies beyond it is a reality we are only just beginning to explore. Reading through the book, I found him to be an excellent tour guide, with an encyclopedic knowledge of the spiritual, the occult and the paranormal. He also has an eye for an interesting tale and the book is filled with some incredible accounts, some of which were new to this reader but all of which were well researched and presented. Books like this are often rather superficial surveys, exotic confections which ultimately leave the reader unsatisfied. But those hungry for a richer experience are provided here with much food for thought.

Has Brian Allan done enough to convince us that the 'hole in the sky' - perhaps one could say 'crack in our consensus reality' - actually exists? As ever, readers will have to decide for themselves. But this reviewer was thrilled by his tour de force through the twilight zone of extraordinary experience and left with the conviction that the world is a much more interesting place - and a much bigger place - than soap operas or a walk down a suburban street would suggest. This is a must-read book.

William Downie, Author of The September-11 Code (Axis Mundi, May 2012)

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